REFOAMATION Anti Fatigue Mat Home Office Standing Desk Industrial Strength 32"x18"x1/2"



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* PRODUCT FEATURES - The Anti Fatigue Mat provides superior support and cushion. Made from heavy duty, industrial strength material, this comfort mat will hold up in your home, office, retail store or warehouse. Works great as a sink mat or a verisdesk or standing desk mat. Our high quality rubber is resistant to water, oil, chemicals, spills, tearing, and provides a safe, non slip surface to stand on. Each mat measures 32 in x 18 in x 1/2 in thick.
* ANTI FATIGUE MAT - Our anti fatigue mats are made with your comfort in mind. These rubber mats are made with high-grade rubber, that relieves pressure and tensions off your feet and legs throughout the day. This anti fatigue mat will help keep your legs comfortable and help you stay focused during any task.
* ENVIRONMENTALLY FRIENDLY - In the last few years, our company owner decided that landfills and product waste is a thing of the past. We began making strives in our effort to reduce and reuse our materials and provide our customers with higher-quality, eco-friendly products. This became the driving force for our company efforts, which started with toolbox liners made from our upcycled and recycled materials; and now almost all of our products are made with repurposed materials.
* QUALITY AND COMFORT - Here at XCEL, we are focused on providing you with the best rubber products to make your life easier. Using industrial grade materials, we are consistently pushing to make products that improve the quality of any situation. From our anti-fatigue mats, to our rubber floor tiles, we want you to experience the comfort you deserve, with the peace of mind knowing that what you get is expertly crafted and long-lasting.
* AMERICAN MADE - XCEL is a small, private company based in the United States and we are dedicated to providing our customers with top quality, American made goods. All of our products are made using only the best materials found here in the United States. We believe in staying true to our roots and supporting the country we were raised in.