How Does Versimold Work?

Versimold is an easy-to-use silicone rubber molding putty that allows you to shape it into just about anything and cure it into custom rubber parts.

Instructions on how to use Versimold:

1. Remove the desired amount of Versimold from the package. Cut off portions made during the forming of the gasket or other item can also be returned to the container for later use!

2. Form Versimold into the desired thickness by using a rolling pin or similar on a flat surface.
 TIP #1 The formed sheet of Versimold can now be used to make an impression on the part that the gasket is intended for, making it easy to outline bolt holes or cutouts.
TIP #2 Items can be formed onto a “core” such as sheet metal or other items to from the necessary shape or profile, then “cured” and removed from the core.

3. Make the necessary forms and cuts into the material to make the part or shape. 

4. Now that the shape is formed, place the material on a metal flat surface (like a cookie sheet) for curing.

5. Using a heat gun set to mid range or an oven set on 250°F, “cure” the shape until it is shiny and firm. DO NOT USE OPEN FLAME.

6. Allow 10 minutes to cool.

7. Peal the gasket or molded item away from the cookie sheet and *presto* your part made with Versimold is ready to use.