Properties of Versimold

By now you're well aware of everything you can do with Versimold, but you're probably curious about how far you can take some of your custom creations. Below we list the different properties for Versimold to give you more insight as to how the product will perform under certain conditions. Each test was performed under strict guidelines using certified testing methods.

 Property Performance Test Method
Operating Temp. Range -60°C (-76°F) to 200°C (392°F)
Density  1.130 to 1.170
Hardness/Durometer 46 to 54 Shore A ASTM D2148
Tensile Strength (Minimum) 700 PSI ASTM D119
Elongation (Minimim) 300% ASTM D119
Dielectric Strength at 0.020 Inch Thick 400% MIL CID-A-A-59163
Water Absorption (Maximum by Weight) 3% MIL CID-A-A-59163
Volume Resistivity (Minimum) 3x10^15 MIL CID-A-A-59163