Videos of Versimold

Check out the latest videos that we and our fans have made. If you have a request of a video you'd like us to make, please be sure to let us know!

Versimold for Automotive & Marine Uses

Fix Your Tools & Household Items with Versimold

Versimold: Make Rubber Parts for Household Repairs & Restorations


Versimold Instructions - How Does Versimold Work?



Can you Cure Versimold with Boiling Water? We Find out.


How Strong is Versimold?


How to Make a Custom O-ring Gasket with Versimold in 10 Minutes


How to Make a Rubber Door Stop Using Versimold


Making a Baby Gate Fit an Entrance


Making Custom Rubber Washers: A Better Process


Repairing the Trunk Lid Stops on a 1955 Buick Century


Making Custom Rubber Washers: Part 1


Making Custom Rubber Washers: Part 2


Making a Custom Drive Belt for a Zenith 5S29 Antique Radio