XCEL 35" Wide x 24" Height x 3/8" Thick Soft/Medium Closed-Cell Sponge Neoprene Foam Rubber Sheet - Carbon Black


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XCEL SpongePad is a closed-cell neoprene sponge rubber (foam rubber) sheet that measures 35.25" wide x 24.25" long x 3/8" thick and is made from the same material automakers use as compression gaskets to seal headlights or for sound deadening. XCEL SpongePad is both soft to the touch, but incredibly strong with a durometer of 50 (Shore 00) soft/medium ASTM MIL and being able to support over 100 lbs. without pinching or tearing. XCEL SpongePad is also very flexible without tearing and can be rolled up easily. Depending on your needs, XCEL SpongePad can easily be cut into the exact size for your project with a pair of household scissors or a box blade. Since XCEL SpongePad is made from closed-cell neoprene sponge rubber, it does not absorb liquids, gasolines, or even oils. Easily apply adhesive and attach it to a flat or round surface. Make a gardening kneeling pad or even a garage floor mat for changing oils. Also perfect for HVAC insulation.