XCEL Bucket Seat Cushion Stadium Pad Quality, Comfort, and Durability 12" wide



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XCEL is committed to quality and it shows with our 5 Gallon Bucket Seat Cushion. Each cushion is made from top quality closed cell sponge rubber--the same rubber used in countless military and industrial applications. Simple, effective, and incredibly comfortable, just pop our cushion on top of your bucket and you have yourself a comfortable seat. If you're a plumber installing a sink, a fisherman taking a bucket of minnows to your favorite pond, or anyone else in need of a great seat that you can take anywhere with you, then you'll love our cushion. 

* COMFORT - XCEL's extra plush cushion will turn any 5 gallon bucket into a comfortable seat that you could easily spend hours on. Whether you’re working on a jobsite or fishing on the edge of your favorite lake or pond, our Bucket Seat Cushion will provide you with the utmost in comfort. Made with a handle cutout for convenience.
* DURABILITY - Made from the same top quality closed cell sponge rubber used in numerous industrial and military applications, this cushion features excellent support, superb tensile strength, and will easily hold up under any conditions.
* QUALITY AND SIMPLICTY - Our Bucket Seat Cushion provides top quality comfort and simplicity at the same time. Just pop it on the top of any 5 gallon bucket and you've instantly provided yourself with a quality seat that will contour to any backside.
* PRODUCT SPECIFICATIONS - Each cushion is 12 inches in diameter and 3/4" thick.  Made from industrial strength closed cell sponge rubber.  Tear resistant, durable, and comes with an easy carry handle.  Waterproof rubber, the cushion wipes clean quickly and easily.
* AMERICAN MADE - XCEL is a small, private company based in the United States and we are dedicated to providing our customers with top quality, American made goods. All of our products are made using only the best materials found here in the United States. We believe in staying true to our roots and supporting the country we were raised in.