XCEL Industrial DIY Gasket Material Epichlorohydrin (ECH) Sponge Rubber Sheet



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XCEL’s top quality rubber DIY gasket sheet is just what you need to create your own replacement gasket.  Made from Closed Cell Epichlorohydrin (ECH) rubber, this material has excellent chemical resistance, excellent oil resistance and an excellent temperature range.  This rubber allows this gasket and sealing material to be used in many automotive and industrial applications. The versatility of ECH sponge rubber is demonstrated by an excellent resistance to the following: alcohols; halogenated solvents; aliphatic, aromatic, and chlorinated hydrocarbons; petroleum-based, silicate ester, and water/glycol hydraulic fluids; and many other solvents Will ECH rubber perform well in your sealing application? The answer can be found below. Does your application involve low temperatures? If so, Epichlorohydrin sponge rubber works well in applications where temperatures are as low as -70° F. At low temperatures, ECH shows excellent aging characteristics, high resiliency, and flexibility. Does your application involve high temperatures exceeding 300° F? If so, ECH sponge rubber performs well as a gasket or seal in applications where temperatures can reach to 325° F.

* NON-ABSORBENT - ECH Rubber is naturally non-absorbent, it won't soak up or retain liquids. The closed cell construction resists most oils, solvents, and fuels making it ideal for any auto, garage, or home project you have.
* HIGH QUALITY RUBBER - Made of a durable rubber, XCEL's ECH Sheet features a tensile strength of 100+ psi, making it stronger than many others on the market; yet easy to cut with scissors or a razor for a perfect custom fit.
* PRODUCT SPECIFICATIONS - Measures 9" x 10" x 5.0 mm thick. 5-9 psi CD, 10-20 pcf density, 5% max water absorbation, Excellent UV & Ozone Resistence, 200%+ Elongation Excellent Fuel and Oil Resistance. Meets ASTM D1056 2B2 (Max 50% Fuel B)
* AMERICAN MADE - XCEL is a small, private company based in the United States and we are dedicated to providing our customers with top quality, American made goods. All of our products are made using only the best materials found here in the United States. We believe in staying true to our roots and supporting the country we were raised in.