Xcel Neoprene Sheet Tool Box Liner 72" x 17" EZ Cut Non Slip Rubber Cabinet Craft Foam Drawer Liner Mat (2 Pack)



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Keep your tools and appliances in order with our amazing rubber pad liners. This 1/8 in. thick rubber mat provides cushion for tools and other items, protecting them against scratching, marring, and impacts. Made of a durable foam rubber, this tool chest liner features a density of 7-9 PCF and tensile strength of 50 PSI, making it stronger than many others. These rubber pads can be easily cut with scissors or a razor blade, to provide you with a perfect fit for any project. This set includes 2 RUBBER ROLLS that measure 72” x 17" x 1/8" thick, which provides support and protection.

XCEL is a small, private company based in the United States and we are dedicated to providing our customers with top quality, American made goods. Using industrial and military grade materials, XCEL’s main focus is to provide high-quality products that make your life easier.

With quality as our main goal, we are constantly pushing ourselves to create goods that, not only relieve tension and stress, but also promote productivity in your everyday life. We use American made rubber to create floor tiles, exercise mats and many other wonderful products, that are centered around the idea of “quality & comfort.”