Lewis Tully's Amazingly Detailed Homemade Ghostbusters Proton Pack

Lewis Tully's Amazingly Detailed Homemade Ghostbusters Proton Pack

Sci-fi is captivating to many because the ideas and technology presented offer a glimmer into a possible future that we may one day enjoy. Some sci-fi is more realistic than others, but some sci-fi is hilarious and absurd, made solely for the purpose of humor than to push the boundaries of our imagination. 

Ghostbusters is one of those sci-fi films that blends humor with the paranormal and exotic technology, but takes place in a modern day setting. The original Ghostbusters was released in 1984 and is considered a part of 1980s pop culture. Ghostbusters fever is again at fervor levels now that the new movie has been released and some fans are showing their love of the franchise by recreating the most prominent piece of Ghostbusters tech: the Proton Pack.

Lewis Tully, a regular on the Ghostbusters Fans forum (gbfans.com), took on the arduous task of creating a very accurate Proton Pack using hiking backpack, common parts from the local hardware store, custom parts using 3D printers, and a heck of a lot of ingenuity. Lewis also used Versimold to make the hand grips of the gun portion of the pack. Overall, the quality and accuracy of the Proton Pack is impressive and it should make many Ghostbusters' fans blush with envy.

Check out the complete build with a LOT of details by clicking here.

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