Versimold Shelf Life: How Long Will it Last?

Versimold Shelf Life: How Long Will it Last?

We are often asked about the long term stability of Versimold or just how long it can last on a shelf. Firstly, we need to understand what Versimold is (and why that matters).

Think of Versimold as an unfinished product (metaphorically and realistically) because that's exactly what it is. The rubber silicone compound in Versimold is slightly different than the insulation we use for our wire products (Rowe Industries), but chemically they are very similar. On our wire, the silicone rubber is cured fully through a heating process using long room sized ovens. Versimold is packaged without ever being exposed to the heat it would need to cure. With that said, Versimold is susceptible to premature curing if it's not stored properly or if it's exposed to high heat for long periods of time. 

So how should you store it? Pretty simple actually - store Versimold in a cool and dark place that you know won't be exposed to a lot of heat. Some people have had success prolonging the shelf life of Versimold by sticking their pucks in the refrigerator, but we believe this makes the material more difficult to work with.

How long will Versimold last "on the shelf"? If stored properly (see above), Versimold can last well over a year without hardening or partially curing. If Versimold is left unused for periods longer than two years, it will start to mechanically cure and harden. 

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